Tita Louria

I am a retired 911 police dispatcher living the life of art I have always wanted. I combine my love of color and texture to create things that make not just me happy, but the folks looking at them also.
I create journals by first hand dying each page, creating a variety of colors and patterns, and in some cases Scents. I then bind them into books using a variety of methods, some sewn or tied, many Perfect bound (glued like a text book). Once the books are created, I make the cover art using mixed media: paper, inks, pants, feathers, clay art, and other things to form unique and beautiful books.
I also create altered bottles (decorated bottles). I paint, decoupage, bake, dye, stain, age/antique the bottles to get the effect I want, and then add a wide variety of objects and media to decorate then. I include themes from steampunk to fairy houses, skulls to beaches.

I have a small assortment of clay-work including dragons, birds, flowers, and bowls.

My jewelry collection of earrings and bracelets is small but each handmade using glass, stone, metal, and hand worked leather