That’s Sew McFly

Hello and welcome to That’s Sew McFly!
I taught myself how to sew about five years ago, and as I’ve made various items over the years, I have found my love for comfort items, such as heating pads, hot/cold packs, and bowl cozies, both as gifts and for personal use.
Do you need comfort in your life? Do you know somebody who does? I am hoping, in some small way, to provide that comfort for you and your loved ones, while using fun, fandom fabrics!
With every purchase from my shop, you are helping a small business grow, and I cannot thank you enough. Also with every purchase, you will be helping a great cause, because one tenth of my profits go towards select charities throughout the year. Thanks for making a positive difference not only in my life, but also in the world!
I work happily from home, surrounded by my loving husband and numerous cats and dogs.