FACTUR is many things. We are a non profit Makerspace. We are a classroom, both formal and informal. We are a workshop, a wood shop, a metalworking space, a craft space, or as we like to call it a fabrication laboratory. Yet, above all else, we area a community who values and stresses the importance of sharing with our neighbors, with a focus on art, science, and technology. We have the tools makers need to bring their ideas to fruition.
Our instructors at Factur teach skills in woodworking, metal working, metal smithing, glass fusing, glassblowing, woodturning, laser cutting & etching, 3D printing, electronics, jewelry making, sewing, leather crafts, aerosol painting (UV reactive, 3D, & Glow-in-the-Dark), CNC skills, and others.
Our Entrepreneurs can create what you need. Our members consist of Entrepreneurs and DIYers.