Blackhart Films

My name is Jeffrey Hepburn- I’m a filmmaker, photographer, and digital artist. I’ve always been motivated by a passion for making stories and driven to capture moments. I pride myself for having an eye for the interplay between light, colour, and materials- trying to highlight the detail and beauty in even the smallest things we might take for granted day to day.
As a digital artist I’ve been working with Blender for over 7 years, and I specialise in hard-surface modelling, PBR texturing, lighting, and the Cycles node editor.

Locally I’ve worked as a photographer, filmmaker, and technical supervisor for many of the local festivals, political campaigns, and productions. I’m also one of the founding board members of the Orlando Filmmaker’s Coalition (OFC), a registered non-profit dedicated to educating and providing a space for the local arts community to network and create movies.

Most recently I’ve been inspired by Adam Savage’s Tested to take my digital art and make it real- with 3D printing and electronics for prop design.