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Load-in and Load-out

We STRONGLY advise checking your Maker Dashboard before heading to the event. There is an announcements area at the top of the dashboard, and if anything changes at the last minute, we will post there (and email).
NOTE: If you have a question that isn’t addressed below, please email us at (or for Combat Robot competitors, email the Robot Ruckus crew at

Load-in Times

General load-in is on Friday from 10AM to 8PM (completed by 8PM, not arriving at 8PM). Saturday load-in is from 8AM to 9AM. Makers arriving after 8:45AM will need to park in general parking and bring their items in. Makers arriving late adds a lot of stress for the maker and for our crew. Please arrive before 8:45AM if you need to unload.

We STRONGLY advise Friday setup. If something is wrong, we can likely fix it on Friday. If you don’t arrive until Saturday morning, we have very limited ability to fix any issues. Friday night is also a GREAT time to meet other makers and to connect with your neighboring makers before the crowd arrives at the Maker Mixer!

If these times do not work for you and you need special arrangements, please email us at

Load-in Parking

On Friday (All day) or Saturday (BEFORE 8:30AM), please park in general parking (the field across from the ticket area), walk over to the ticket booth area where we will have general Maker check-in and Robot Ruckus competitor check-in tents. Get your credentials and packet, THEN go get your vehicle to unload at your building. Unload, leave someone with your items, return your car to the parking lot, then go setup. We have 300 exhibits to setup in a short period of time, and vehicles blocking lanes and loading and unloading zones slows everyone down.

Credentials, etc.

You will receive a packet at the Maker Check-in Area which will be near the ticket booth area until Saturday morning at 9AM. Your packet will contain credentials for you and your helpers (They must be entered from your maker dashboard by Sunday, November 3rd), your table sign, and more. You are responsible for making arrangements to get credentials to your helpers. If you have a large group that will arrive at various times and you need our team to distribute the credentials, please email us ASAP to make plans.

Maker Mixer – Friday night

The Maker Mixer is from 6PM to 7PM on Friday night. This is a great time to meet other makers, grab food (we will have some light food, but note that we will not be able to meet all dietary needs, please plan accordingly), and try some of the hands-on activities. Our goal is to have our Make-a-shirt and Make-a-button workshops open on Friday evening for the Maker Mixer so that Makers and Maker Helpers are able to make their own Maker Faire Orlando or Robot Ruckus shirt for only $5. We may have other hands-on activities open if those teams are on site Friday night and setup. Stay tuned for more info 🙂 Please note the Maker Mixer is limited to those with event (Maker / volunteer / etc.) credentials, no guests are allowed.


Load-out MAY NOT start until AFTER the event ends. Packing or leaving early without prior discussion and agreement may lead to your exhibit not being approved in subsequent years. All exhibits are 2 day exhibits unless you’ve reached specific agreement with the event producers by emailing Vehicles may not be moved into loading / unloading zones until after the event has ended and the crowd has left the building. The main roadway in front of the Spirit and Curiosity buildings will not open until at least 1 hour after the event has closed. We know you want to get home after a long weekend, but we ask for your patience as we safely exit the crowd.

Maker Parking

Maker parking for the weekend will be on-site with the general parking. You may NOT park near your exhibit building. All parking for Maker Faire Orlando is now FREE.

General tips

  1. Bring a cart! We DO NOT have carts available.
  2. Label your stuff! A roll of masking tape and a sharpie are very useful.
  3. Bring more extension cords (a 25ft minimum) and power strips than you think you need.
  4. Read Dave’s Tips for Makers
  5. Please be patient with us. Maker Faire Orlando is a non-profit event produced by a great bunch of volunteers. Issues will happen, and we will get them resolved, but we need your patience especially during setup and Saturday morning 🙂

Got questions?

Email us at!