What Should I Bring?

Tables & Chairs

We provide a folding 8 foot table and two folding chairs for each standard 10×10 exhibit. If you have a table & chairs that you prefer, you are welcome to bring them. If you need additional tables, email us, we will do our best to accommodate. We STRONGLY represent NOT sitting behind your table. This is the ABSOLUTE BEST WAY to have people walk right by your exhibit. We’ve seen this at every Maker Faire we’ve hosted or attended. We DO NOT provide table coverings – table skirts are inexpensive, available in LOTS of colors, and will help hide stuff under your table!

Walls / Dividers

We do not “pipe & drape” Maker Faire – if you want separation between you and another exhibit, you are welcome to construct something (we’ve seen wood, PVC and more!), but it needs to be free-standing, and fully contained within your exhibit area.  Inside the buildings you may not have a solid surface above you that would block fire sprinkers. We’ve seen some overhead creativity with paper lanterns, scarves, and paper. – but if you are planning something elaborate, please ask in advance so we can have it cleared by the Fire Marshall.


We will provide a small table sign, but you should create your own signage. Get creative! Please note that no signage can be taped to the walls. If you want a big backdrop, make a frame, use a banner stand, etc.We’ve used “banner stands” you can buy from Amazon (example 1, example 2). and sign stands to hold information (example 1, example 2). We also recommend creating a sign with your top five most frequently asked questions – save your voice for conversations not those same five questions all day long!


Our goal is to have power in proximity to every exhibit that stated they needed power. We STRONGLY recommend bringing at least a 25 foot power cord and more power strips than you think you need (and put your name on them!).


We DO NOT have carts for you to use when loading / un-loading. Please bring your own carts.


We DO NOT have volunteers to help you load and unload. If you have a special circumstance, email us and we will see what we can do – but in general, please plan to be self-sufficient, and have helpers for load-in / load-out as well as during the event hours.