Changing the global perception of diversity

There are two main elements to the widely recognized visual traditions of the Islamic world: calligraphy using Arabic script and geometric patterns. Mehnaz Khan draws a connection between various cultures and prosperity of life, by writing phrases in Arabic language abiding the honor of humanity. She gives a modern touch to the craft traditions. At her display, first 50 guests will enjoy the opportunity to get their name inscribed in the beautiful Arabic script on archival quality paper (can be framed later). There will be live Arabic calligraphy painting. Stop by to be fascinated by her writing technique, the formation of the curves and lines, designing of the composition, choice of colors and her beloved tools. The artist will share valuable knowledge about the history and physical context of the complex designs. Observe how a harmonious and symmetrical pattern unfolds from unity. Free handmade stickers and coloring sheets will be available for children to enhance their exposure to this intricate and sacred art. Original art work, signed live by the artist will be available for purchase.

Mehnaz Khan

Mehnaz Khan

Mehnaz Khan is a self-taught mixed media artist.

She was born in Pakistan and raised in the Middle East. When she was 13 years old, her parents migrated back to Pakistan. There she spent a decade of her life, finishing upper school education and heading to college for a BS degree in computer science. She then moved to the United States to pursue graduate studies. Today she is settled in the heart of sunny Florida, along with her spouse and three children.

Though Mehnaz had never visited an art gallery and was always a science student, she seemed to possess a flare for artistic creativity and innovation. Every now and then, her innate creativity would spark, and she would experiment with different mediums and techniques.

After taking time off to raise a family, her intuition insisted to professionally pursue her passion. Spending three decades of her life in three different cultures of the world seemed to have strongly influenced the medley of material and style. She is always exploring novel ways to present her emblematically diverse and contrast ideas. She revels in challenges that new techniques may bring, which she believes keeps her passion alive and encourages innovative thinking.

Her time as a former computer nerd actuates her creative process as she brings her penchant for analytical methodology to her paintings. A systematic approach is used to select colors and a composition, and the end result is pretty much what was expected. The final art is visually attractive and is achieved through logic. The viewer appreciates what is in front of them. There is no hidden representation of the outside reality.

The motif of her compositions is drawn from mother nature and current affairs. Through her artwork, Mehnaz strives to promote egalitarianism, to accept the differences amongst us, to accept any and all identities. Each of her calligraphy paintings have a basic but unique message inscribed in the beautiful Arabic script. The poems, verses, words are all an attempt to reach out to humanity, in hopes to promoting peace, love and universal acceptance of all cultures. The viewer need not have a grasp of the Arabic language to interpret the artists’ conception. The connection is drawn through the eloquent beauty of the curves and lines and the energy that flows in the pattern.

Her islamic geometric patterns and impressionist floral paintings are vibrant in hues and immediately lighten up the viewer’s spirit. The viewer has appreciation of the ancient art of islamic geometric designs, without any boundary of culture. Her floral paintings generate a surge of connection with the entire humanity, as flowers are a ubiquitous part of our universe and there is universal appreciation for them.

Mehnaz is inspired by the concept of El Seed art and a believer of the Mandela legacy for all mankind to excel. She promotes the same message of diversity across all her forms of artwork. Her object is to inspire and empower society.