Vitknow Wine data acquistion and monitoring

Wine making is a great hobby. The problem is that monitoring the wine during fermentation involves precise measurements and calculations to determine the status of each batch. Additionally, the batch is very susceptible to microbial contamination when introducing the measuring devices which may have not been properly sanitized, or from an airborne source just from opening the container. The range of contamination could result in as little as "off" tasting wine, or to a complete corruption with fungus overgrowth. To avoid this problem, you now have the option of using VitKnow. A digital real-time monitoring device that connect through Wi-Fi to allow you access to data collected during your fermentation process. Monitor temperature, CO2 production, humidity, and calculate ABV content of your wine. It plots the data on a chart so you can easily identify when the optimum time to stop fermentation, or if there is run away interaction occurring that is beyond norm. Although there really shouldn't be any contamination because you NEVER open the carboy during fermentation to test its status. Vitknow works by monitoring the CO2 production of the fermentation and then calculates how much alcohol is being produced by the yeast. Its a very simple and effective way to monitor your wine or beer fermentation. You can even send the data to your webserver so that you can monitor remotely.

I started making wine a few years ago and absolutely love doing it. I designed a digital monitoring device and want to share it with other winemakers as well as inspire others to make wine as well.