Remote Control Lawnmower

Without knowing a thing about RC I decided to do the one project that crosses my mind every time I mow the lawn. An Remote Controlled mower. No more pushing the mower in the Florida weather, aka it broke. After looking I found all the self propelling parts were shot, and didn't feel like pushing it with no assist. So I started the great endeavor. Talked to the RC guys, talked to some peeps that do the robot battles and came up with a plan. Some fun (and horrible) welding, a few blown fuse and a lot of help with the RC, IT's ALIVE!! Come see it running at the FamiLAB booth!

Rick Sollie  a.k.a  Simply7

Rick Sollie a.k.a Simply7

With notebooks full of ideas, I spend my time making things, or making tools to make things, or just coming up with new ideas. My projects range from building a 3d printer to making lasercut popsicle holders so the kids have a nice summer snack. I like to work in different mediums and explore uses for new materials often mixing different elements in my designs. I’ve documented some of my builds on my website and will keep adding more.