TEBie, The Fun Multi-Cultural Learning Companion Kids Love!

TEBie is a curious, jade-eyed cuddly plush doll that accompanies parents and children on a fun and educational tour through history. Playing with TEBie involves storytelling and multi-sensory activities that promote character building and learning about history, cultures, and languages. Each TEBie character is based on a real historical figure and comes with a story scroll and e-books and audio stories about the person represented. These stories are written to be fun and engaging for children both to hear and read, while also containing inspirational and moral messages that foster character building. Each story is written in both English and Chinese in order to promote multi-cultural awareness and language acquisition.

MyTEBie.com – The Fun Multi-Cultural Learning Companion Kids Love!

MyTEBie.com – The Fun Multi-Cultural Learning Companion Kids Love!

Together with a very small team of educators who share the passion in helping children reach their full potential, and fostering character-building and language acquisitions, my partners and I have created TEBie.

We strongly believe that quality education for children begins at home, and learning via multi-sensory play is the best way to educate children.

Based on exemplary historical figures, TEBie is a fun multi-cultural learning companion that helps give children a head start on their future success and happiness by building character with play and family bonding time using fun TEBie activities and interactive storytelling.