Lets a go! Throw bananas and shells at your opponents as you dodge their items while your in the seat of a MARIO KART in VR. You'll bump and blast your way to victory in this fun filled virtual reality experience. This exhibit demonstrates the use of emerging techonolgies including software development, digital fabrication including 3d printing, and the latest in VR technology. At the heart is a modified Mario Kart Powerwheels racer with a welded frame and integrated microcontroller, electronics, and 3D printed components that transform this kart into a Super Mario Kart Game Controller.

Pat has spent 30 plus years working in the advertising and motion picture industries, where he created models, digital animations, and effects for dozens of companies including MasterCard, Nabisco, and US Airways. As a young model maker in 1979, Pat worked on a revamp of the opening sequence for CBS’s flagship news magazine 60 Minutes. The stopwatch used in that sequence now resides in the Smithsonian Institution’s popular culture collection. Pat has a long history of using his talents to give back, and most of his efforts center around helping kids in need. So when a friend gifted him a 3D printer, he knew he wanted to use it to do something that would have a huge impact on a child’s life. After some initial research, he decided to create a 3D Printed Iron Man Kids Prosthetic Hand that challenged the rules of traditional prosthetic design.

Pat is currently the Multi-Discipline Course Director at Full Sail University in the Simulation & Visualization bachelor degree program.

Project & Portfolio VII – Final Project: Students work as a team to create an Immersive Motion Enabled Virtual Reality Simulation Experience. Students are mentored and instructed in Project Design, Project Fabrication and integrating the latest technologies in Virtual Reality. Past projects include a MechWarrior, Millennium Falcon and a Roller Coaster.

Digital Fabrication/The FabLab: This is where the hardware meets the software. Students learn all the latest technologies including 3D Printing, Laser Cutting, CNC, Laser Scanning, Reverse Engineering, PCB Design, Vacuum Forming, and manual lab tools to create a 6DOF motion platform.

Professional Skills: Digital Fabrication, Hardware Integration including Virtual Reality and input devices, 3D Modeling and Animation, Modelmaking, Microcontrollers, Animatronics, 3D Printing, Scanning.