Icepix: The world’s first multi-game app for large parties

Icepix is a smart phone app that features four games that foster greater social interaction at events:

1 Creative photo contests that can either be timed or run the duration of the party. Example challenges might be "Best Group Hug Photo", "Best Photo of A Crazy Dance Move", "Best Photo Involving Food", "A Funny Face Contest", or "Most Bizarre Looking Image". The party hosts choose challenges that fit the audience and are free to invent new ones.

2 A scavenger hunt where objects must be found and photographed.

3 An icebreaker game called "Human Hunt". First guests use the app to take a close-up photo of something identifiable about themselves such as jewelry, a pattern on their clothing, or something else that identifies them. Then it becomes a scavenger hunt as guests seek to determine which guest matches which photo.

4 A second icebreaker game called "I've Got A Secret" was inspired by the old favorite: "Twenty Questions". Players enter a short description of something about themselves and then they must interrogate others in order to determine which "secret" belongs to which guest.

The app makes it easy to share photos among guests and it fosters the posting of such photos to social media thus promoting the event.

The product also features a slide-show of submitted photos that is to be displayed on a large screen TV. This will promote discussion among the guests about the contests and offer a platform for event hosts to promote themselves.

The web site at is used by party hosts to choose game options and to active event access codes.

Icebreaker Creative

Icebreaker Creative

For over thirty years I have been creating software tools that empower artists and have now created the world’s first multi-game app designed to enhance large parties by encouraging greater social interaction via photo contests and icebreaker games. The app, called Icepix, is FREE and is available on both Android and iPhones.