Human Powered Snow Cones

The Ice Age snow cone wheel, also known to many as the world’s largest snow cone machine, is an event favorite. It is a “Willy Wonka meets Rube Goldberg” creation This hand crafted machine gets the attention of kids and adults alike. How it works: The individual first loads their cup on to the conveyor. They then lower the ice grinder via a crank handle. They then add ice by pulling on a belt attached to a pulley. They then advance the cup under the ice grinder by cranking a handle attached to the conveyor. Next, they turn a handle to get the cup to rise up under the ice grinder. Next, they sound a train horn to announce that the wheel is about to get started. They then run or walk in the wheel to grind their ice. When the cup is full, they advance their cup via conveyor further down the line. Here, the student pulls a lever to activate a large plastic hand that smashes the crushed ice into the cup. They then exit the wheel and move the cup to the next operation on the conveyor belt. At this location, they apply the flavorings to their ice by activating the shower heads, which pours the pressurized flavorings on to the ice. Tons of fun!

Bug-Eyed Entertainment   A.K.A …”Be the Hamster”

Bug-Eyed Entertainment A.K.A …”Be the Hamster”

I dream up and create creative hands-on-things for kids; to get them interested in Engineering.