We are very excited to announce as part of Maker Faire Orlando 2019 we will be hosting Robot Ruckus! This is included as part of your Maker Faire Orlando ticket. Robot Ruckus is the only open heavyweight tournament in the USA, see some of the amazing machines from the hit TV show BattleBots live and in person!

While the big bots are cool, the smaller classes of robot are just as awesome! We will have a total of 6 classes, ranging from 150g to 250lbs, and 140+ bots competing across two arenas. The amazing part of Robot Ruckus is the bots are driven by all ages, from elementary school students to retirees, once the arena doors are locked everyone is on the same level. So be sure to spend time talking with the Makers of these impressive machines and learn how you can participate.

Maker Faire Orlando, photo by Roberto Gonzalez

For more information including rules, a list of BattleBots competitors expected to be on site (as of today over 12 teams) , and other info on this exciting event check out the Robot Ruckus web page at https://robotruckus.org for more info!