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We are not always great at tooting our own horn. In fact, we’d much rather build some kind of automaton to toot the horn for us. Or better yet, program an old payphone to prank call people as they go by.

But as we prepare for the eighth annual Maker Faire Orlando on November 9th and 10th, we thought it would be good to recognize the makers, volunteers, and attendees from 2018.


More than 300 makers and community groups shared what they are making to entertain, educate, and inspire.

Do you know any makers who may want to participate this year? They can be artists and engineers, cooks and comedians, musicians and programmers. We’ll put out the call for makers in mid-July, so sign up for the email updates.

Created by Josh Ortiz

Check out this cool short video made by one of our makers last year, a great 30 second spot to share with your friends!


With around 15,000 participants over the two-day event there was lots of inspiration going on at Maker Faire Orlando. That includes free admission provided to over 500 educators and 1,500 students.

And they made a lot of stuff like more than 1,500 buttons, 1,000 shirts, 700 LED pins, and 350 injection-molded robots.

Early bird tickets will go on sale in mid-July. That’s half the price. Fifty percent off. It’s buy one get one free! Get the email updates and follow us on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter to get in on this deal when they become available.


Our amazing group of volunteers helps make (pun intended) Maker Faire Orlando happen. We couldn’t do it without the 200+ people giving their time and energy to help us out.

Do you want to volunteer? You can get not only the satisfaction of working at Maker Faire Orlando and community service hour credit, you also get in for free! Let us know if you want to participate by emailing us at

Giving back!

Maker Faire Orlando is an all-volunteer event that is led by the Maker Effect Foundation, a local non-profit. Ticket sales, grants, and corporate sponsorships go back into making the event bigger and better than ever, and we also donate to a number of local organizations that participate in the event. Those receiving contributions in 2018 included:

Local FIRST Robotics teams, who ran the Make-a-Shirt, Make-a-Button, Mold-a-Makey and Belt Sander Racing activities.

FamiLAB, who ran the Learn-to-Solder activity for the 7th straight year.

The Orlando Anarchy football team, who ran event parking.

VFW District 18, who handled on-site ticket sales.

If you’re interested in making a contribution, let us know at or Facebook.

We are underway planning for 2019 (and even 2020!) Maker Faire Orlando, and we look forward to seeing you there on November 9-10, 2019 at the Central Florida Expo Center & Fairgrounds!