You may be asking yourself “What is teapot racing?”.  The answer is pretty straight forward, it’s turning a teapot into a racing machine that you run around a track that is fraught with dangers and peril!  Of course, while that seems easy enough, the reality is there are several specific requirements that your racer has to meet as well as rules for completing the track.

Splendid Teapot Racing is happening at Maker Faire Orlando, and YOU can bring your teapot to race!


Here’s what you need to know…

First and foremost your teapot racer has to stay within specific size limits.  The official limits are 30cm high, 30cm wide, and 40 cm long.  The reason for the size limits has to do with the obstacles on the course.  Obstacles can include ramps, tunnels, jumps, any number of breakable objects, and any other creations that meet the size requirements.  And of course there’s a time limit.  Each racer has to be able to run the course within 3 minutes.  

The second most important thing is following the rules.  Sort of.  The rules can and will vary to some degree by the club hosting the event.  For example some courses have 2 minutes time limits with points taken off for every 10 seconds over the two minutes, with being eliminated for going to three minutes.  Some rules can be modified based on the age or experience of the racers, for example allowing younger racers the ability to right their racers one time if it gets overturned or stuck.  One of the more interesting “rules” is that bribing the judges is allowed!  But don’t expect that slipping them a twenty will get you very far.  Points are awards for style, showmanship, and creativity.  Some delicious cookies presented with a song will get you more points than a traditional bribe any day!

If you’d love to come learn more about this exciting new sport the please join us on October 14th for a build day to create your own teapot racer.  The event is from 5pm to 9pm at MakerFX, which is located at 8600 Commodity Circle #158, Orlando, FL.  RSVP OR QUESTIONS HERE. Bring an old RC car (or a new one), a teapot, and let’s get started making your Teapot Racer. 

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