Join the Maker Faire Orlando team at the Release Party for SKIP’s Big Ideas on August 24th from 6 to 9:30PM at Art Gallery at Mills Park.

SKIP’s Big Ideas is the creation of  Orlando maker SKIP of Franchise Industries. Exhibiting at Maker Faire Orlando for the last two years with his installations Exploita El Tercer Mundo and Game of Stones, SKIP returns for Maker Faire Orlando 2017 with his newest installation, Cover The Earth.

Each episode of SKIP’s Big Ideas pairs itself with local sponsors and large public events that play host to the finished installation, which allows fans and followers to interact with both the completed project, as well as incorporate them as a live audience members during the conclusion of the episode, long before the completed footage airs for audiences online. Despite the show being SKIP’s passion project, the true star of this series is actually the City Beautiful, and the bevy of talent and culture that resides here. By enlisting the skills and talents of local artists, engineers, carpenters, and craftsmen to aid and assist SKIP in executing these “big” challenges, as well as highlighting local restaurants, cafes, collective hotspots and hot shops, it allowed him to tend to his other responsibilities and production roles including: host, director, executive producer, writer, and video editor (and often cameraman as well too).

We hope you will join us in congratulating SKIP and his maker collaborators at the release party for SKIP’s Big Ideas on August 24th from 6 to 9:30PM at Art Gallery at Mills Park. (Facebook event link)

If you’d like to support SKIP and his work, become a patron of SKIP’s Big Ideas over on SKIP’s patreon page.