Maker Lori Mangione has been pixelating life for just over 5 years. Pixelating that we’ve all come to know and love as Silly Rabbit Crafts.  For those of you who are not familiar, Silly Rabbit Crafts specializes in geekery decorum. Yes you read it right! From hang-able art pieces to refrigerator magnets and coasters, from earrings and hairbands to even fish tanks…Lori does it all! What’s even better is that a majority of Lori’s art is made using plastic perler beads, which gives each piece it’s own pop of color and uniqueness.

With all of the hard work that Lori puts into each piece of art she makes, we are excited that Silly Rabbit Crafts will be returning for the 2017 Maker Faire Orlando in October! We can’t wait to see what Lori has in store! Make sure you check out Silly Rabbit Crafts for an idea of what to expect. We’re beyond excited, are you?