Everyone can admire the beauty in glass art – whether jewelry, bowls, vases, or figurines. Glass blowing is a hot topic, and it’s happening at Maker Faire Orlando 2016!


GodBody Glass Art will be demonstrating some glass blowing techniques  in their exhibit, and will show how some popular, yet extremely unique things, are made!

Phive founded GodBody Productions in 2011, and it started as “GodBody Muzik Group”. It consists for freelance workers that are based out of Orlando, FL. They have services in Photography, Videography, Photo Editing, Video Editing, and Artist Development. The amazing technique of Glass Blowing was just recently added to their artistic repertoire.

Here are just some of the amazing works of art that Phive has created –




Be sure to keep an eye out for this amazing exhibit at Maker Faire Orlando 2016!