Get ready to be electrified by this amazing exhibit! Lightning is a magical force of nature that has the ability to create amazing burns in whatever it strikes. How amazing would it be if you could own a piece of art made by lightning? Well, that’s exactly how Kilovolt Creations makes these awesome pieces!


With 2000 volt of electricity, a piece of wood, and some toner powder, Rocket Burns (that’s his real name, how cool!) is able to recreate the effect that lightning has when it passes through an object. By allowing the electricity to pass through the wood, it burns an extremely unique design into it.

Here are just some of the amazing pieces that have been created with the power of electricity.




Because of the process used to create this amazing works of art, no two pieces are the same, as there’s no way to tame lightning! Not only will there be pieces for sale, but there will be demonstrations of how the process works as well! So be sure to stop by and see the magic of lightning in action at Maker Faire 2016!